I want someone to explain this topic to me

I want someone to explain this topic to me from this please https://armory3d.org/manual/#/platforms/consoles

You need to have a developer account with Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo and request/pay for a developer kit to make games for that system. Then you need to contact Armory for the KHA programming language backend to help implement your game onto those consoles and make sure that everything works right.

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If you are a licensed console developer, get in contact and we will provide the code and help you out any way we can. Xbox UWP (as described in that link) works right away but resources are more restricted compared to regular Xbox development.

PS: And as always, please ignore everything the magiclord writes about console development.


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@RobDangerous has written the code to be able to test on consoles, and with armory being no where near ready to produce a fully saleable game, the concern about piracy seems way premature. @MagicLord, you have the concern added as a feature request and @lubos knows about it (since he changed the name and added it to feature requests). If people want to play with the features and see what they can create, let them. If they have shelled out the money to be able to publish to consoles they should be well aware of the pitfalls. There doesn’t seem to be a need to keep bringing up all the negative things you do that really don’t effect anything.

If you have an alternative to what @RobDangerous has developed please share it, if not then please let the people interacting with him do so with out all the negativity.

Everyone here should understand the stage Armory is at and I highly doubt anyone is seriously looking at making a salable game at this point.

Can both of you please tone done the rhetoric against each other.


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How much do I have to pay Armory for compiling the videogame with the KHA language?

Nothing. As said earlier you just need to provide proof that you are a registered Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony developer. When you can provide that, just contact the author of Kha directly (some guy going by the nick RobDangerous).

PS: Kha is not a language.