Integrating into other applications

Armory looks amazing, congrats
I love the way is integrated into Blender, my question is, is there a python layer to interact with the engine?
would it be possible to integrate this in other applications via Python?

Thank you

@varomix , can be that the pivot of an answer to your questions is here


To integrate Armory into other applications, ‘all’ that is needed is to write bindings which make Armory understand the data of this other application. Anything particular you have in mind?

Hey Lubos
I want to integrate it into Houdini, it has a python API to create interfaces and stuff like that, so I was wondering if Armory could be integrate it into that.
if so, could you point me in the right direction

thank you

any pointers? thanks

I started to tinker with Houdini some more, hope to release an actual working example soon. :slight_smile:

That sounds great man, if you have this open I can help, I know a bunch of Houdini and their Python ways