Is Armory production ready now?

I’ve been eyeing this game engine since last year. I would like to know its status now ? Still not ready for production ?

I just want to make my first quake or doom clone. :slight_smile:

I my opinion not. There are still some crashes for no apperant reasons and sometimes even the project arround the .blend getting corrupted so I had to do the Armory specific stuff again on my setup and graphical glitches especialy in shadows. But it is a great fun to play arround with and maybe if you put enough time into it and have enough staying power to find a way arround issues, you can make a game you dont have to be ashamed of.

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Thanks @Simonrazer for the reply. Maybe I should wait a little longer. Maybe after build 13 is out, hopefully it is more stable after that.

@tumira I dont even think you have to wait until build 13. Probably the a lot of fixes are already in the github version that I am unable to build because I dont have enough experience with this stuff(but if you know how to I think you can get it for free). The progressspeed is just amazing.

Not sure if I want to build from source. Right now I will monitor Amory closely. I really like the concept or workflow of doing everything in one editor. The new amory paint is looking really good. Probably don’t need substance painter after this.