Is the internal viewport renderer gone?

I’ve been playing around with the .6 beta release and I can’t help to notice that the internal viewport renderer is completely gone (I reckon it has been gone for the last month or so?) and I just wanted to know if it’s going to be gone for good or will it be back in the final release? And if it’s not coming back, why was the reason to discard it? I reckon that I read something about using eevee for an approximation as a replacement, but I could find some real value on having my simulation running side by side with the editing window while tweaking the world, as shown in one of the amazing Goblin videos where you could see the game running with objects moving while somebody was tweaking a tree. As far as I know you cannot run your traits on eevee’s viewport to see things moving with complex behaviours coming from traits in real time without needing to run the game (or are you implementing something to run traits on eevee??).

If the internal renderer is going to be gone for good, will there still be a reason to ship armory with blender instead of as a module? As far as I know the only reason to ship it with its own version of blender was in order to compile the internal renderer.

This is all just out of curiosity, but I think that it was an impressive feature and a killer selling point. My opinion :slight_smile:

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