Is there a form to make a condition with inputs?

I wanted to know if there was a form to make a condition like “and”, “or”, etc. but with an inputs, like making a “shift + w” button. :slight_smile:

You could use an “on Keyboard” node to Power an “is true” one which is fed by a “Keyboard” node. I am Not sure tho, will Check that soon

In haxe:

       // do something

Maybe you are looking for something like that
to get the “shift+w” for example

or another way thereafter (with shift+v)

Yea, but if he already has stuff assigned for SHIFT or W, it will do all three actions when I press Shift+W.
I really want a solution for this, too. can someone please come up with one?

Thanks! it works! but I don’t know why but it works with a “print” but not with “play action” .-. well… I’ll check it for myself.