Is there a way to create Lens flare effect?

Hi, haven’t seen a tutorial about lens flare effect ,is there a way to achieve that?
Thanks in advance!

There is an option at Armory Render Path >> Compositor >> Lens Flare. You need to enable that option.

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I wish that (a) lens flare, and (b) cicada sound-effects, had never been made popular by Western movies. Because, if there is anything at all that a photographer tries hardest to avoid when shooting outdoors in the sun, it would be: “lens flare.” It has become a "visual trope."

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Thanks, I have made it with your hint!
I can see the lens flare effect now and it seems has to work with dynamic sky textures, have not tried to combine with HDR backdrop yet, in my experiences, I feel that my HDR sphere background sometime mixed up some things that I can’t tell whether my desired effects has already shown or not .

The effect is awesome when I finally see it after some camera panning!

The lens flare affect seems not come with a physical sun, what if I like to have a substantial sun with bloom effect, should I create a sphere with bloom effect and try to track the sun position controlled by sky texture or is there a easier way to display physical sun?

Thanks in advance