Is there a way to create with nodes a animation state machine

Hello there! I have a serious question. I am creating a very cool game but I have a huge problem. I create my game mostly with nodes and there isn’t a animation state machine. Is there a way to create a state machine without haxe? It would help me seriously so much really! I also tried it with properties but the animation blend does not work for that. It has this pop effect. There is no smooth blending between the animations.

Have a nice day!

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I’m not sure about a state machine, but there is an animation blending example that might help. It probably isn’t close enough to what you are trying to accomplish, but I figured I’d throw it out there just in case.

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Hey @zicklag!! Thank you but I already tried it with this method. Its a really living hell without a state machine…

“Well, speaking as a software designer …” What an interesting idea. What do you have in mind? What – in great detail, please – would you have the software do for you, and exactly how?"

(And if this is “some sort of brand-new extension to ‘the Nodes system,’” please just keep brainstorming.)

After all, “software people can implement anything.” What – exactly – would you suggest, “in your wildest (or maybe, not so wildest …?) dreams?”

If you did come up with a mockup of maybe which nodes you would want designed, i.e. what inputs, outputs, and functionality they would have, somebody here might be able to code and add them to the Logic Pack.

There’s a couple of people on here have done stuff like that in the past.