Issue with android export

I used the demo blends: scene 1 and scene 3, and exported them as android. I built each app in Android Studio with no errors and they appeared on my phone. I launched the apps but the screen went black and nothing happened.

Armory version:10a

My phone: Oneplus 3t
ram: 6 gb
OS: Android 7.1.1

I added a new ‘mobile’ version of Scene 1 example at:

It is basically the same but comes with pre-set forward low rendering path, restricted materials, disabled sky in world nodes… It looks quite terrible graphically wise but should serve as a good starting point just to get things going - ready to hit Build for Android or iOS. Please go with just released Build 11 and let me know how it goes. If this still does not work then we can dig deeper.

(This should work even in the mobile browser when deploying to html5.)

I got this error when exporting from build 11. Check console.

Build 10a had no errors.
Am building the app currently. Will post if any issues occur.

Ok, the scene 1 minimal version worked fine on my phone on 10a.

Build 11a should get rid of that errors. Hopefully no more patches needed.

Tehehe, wishful thinking :smiley:

Less bugs but still some remain.

Incredible, 11 builds in and I still managed to somehow left out one commit… patch incoming.

(This should error out only for cpp builds with deinterleaved buffers option unchecked - I will need to roll a more comprehensive testing suite.)

@razvanc-r you knew it all along. :smile:

Well honestly it’s your fault too and the others’ because instead of using Github for reporting issues you indulge in this forum and @lubos you’re letting them do it :D, bad very bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey lubos

Armory v01b works fine i compiled my first project to an Android.apk and it works was hard to understand all things at all but the system works very good.

just one thing i use camera mobile forward armory pbr simple texture in nodes
and all how u explained in the manual very simple and one picture as sand surface and one scene .

why my models and detail looks crashed and very blurred and warped i used a mesh that i changed in edit mode to mountains and like pyramids and many faces and vertices scale it big so that i dont have many object in scene , is these issue appear because of subdivide and change the mesh or what the experts here can tell about .

regards Kotaros

Cool to hear you managed to build .apk file! I can not tell what exactly is wrong, can you share the .blend so I can reproduce it or post a screenshot? Is everything ok when you run from blender on your computer?

Thanks for reply so fast

Ok lubos here is the blend file i converted before to a .apk file is there a way i can download the .apk file to my computer directly i want change the icon of K and later i can send it to my phone to test

cant upload blend file here stop everytime by the half is not so big compressed 15mb

is threre another way i can send you github is cofusing too