Issue with ghosting

I’ve got this problem. Whenever I render a project, it has this ghosting effect where this image from the initial render stays in a kind of ghost-like state while the rest of the game continues playing. Does anyone know what that is?

Do you have the .blend so i can test it in a different system?
Do you have the console log to check if there are errors?
It happens when you build for Krom, Electron or Browser ?

This doesn’t happen with Krom or Electron. It is a Browser thing. I’m looking into it further. I think it may have something to do with the render paths or code run specifically for browser. I’ll see. Regardless, I’m afraid I can’t hand you the file itself. However, thanks for suggesting I test it in other configurations. I’ll make sure to better test my issues in the future. I can work without the browser for now. We’ll see about fixing that later.

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Electron and browser should be basically the same thing, so not sure what is going on. But the cause of ghosting in some cases can be temporal anti-aliasing enabled, especially when frame rate is low.