Jano Armory Tests and Stuff

Making some tests with armory.

Basically trying to test out the SSS both of the Armory BPR and the generic cycles nodes. Both shows SSS but I cannot seem to edit the scale, even when I change the scale, it doesn’t change anything, its only full on effect. But it’s getting there slowly, but surely.
Here is the WIP. Its fairly high resolution model, I need to retopo this guy. Done in ZBrush.

C&C welcome!

I ain’t a fan of the logic nodes, Been trying to learn those, but I really would like to use the BGE logics instead if at all possible (I’ve created many small games in BGE and took the time to learn it all. Now I need to re-learn everything in nodes, and I find it much harder… BGE logic support would be awesome for me!!!)


She looks quite butch! :wink:

Jokes aside, looks really nice! :thumbsup:

Regarding BGE logic blocks; learning logic nodes might be a benefit since they are used more and more in various applications and other game engines. I would be surprised if Blender sticks with the BGE logic blocks in the future… I think they will transition to logic nodes since they are already used for materials, and in a lot of addons etc.

Hey thanks guzzard,

Yhea I know most people prefers nodes because that is what UE4 uses and also other engines.

But it still would be nice for those who already uses BGE with the logic bricks to be able to have the choice, nodes &/or logic. Imagine being able to use the best of both?