Komplete Armory developer toolchain

The Armory engine project is on the stage when developers need not only develop their own projects but to fix its bugs too.

Where I can find info how to setup complete developer toolchain, not only how to download source code of its components? Is there’s a full build conveyor or I should copy built components manually?

You meant like contribution, you can use armory as addon from source code available on github, then you can fix is bugs too and develop at same time. Here it source code link https://github.com/armory3d/armory

I’m afraid the well known link to the source code cannot be toolchain description. I can write another link to the ArmSDK project which contains yours as the submodule. But the question was about the article which would describe the toolchain (tools and their setup letting ArmSDK to be built correctly). And I think not all the bugs in the Armory3D itself. Here I’ve got the bug in the Iron library that I think is the reason of the several Armory3D bugs. But I have no place to submit my corrections and guarantee that I don’t break others’ configurations (we need CI too, I can help with this and make one on gitlab for this project).

So we need good toolchain description for all the reference platforms. I think it’s the most important thing that old project participants can do. Because it’s obvious that they develop features too slow the buglist grows without any chances to shrink.

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