Krom fails with armature for some reason?

I have a scene with an armature which I want to do an action. When I press play, Krom fails. If I delete the armature then the scene runs fines and shows no armature however if I then undo the deletion and have it show back and then run the scene, the scene still runs fine but still doesn’t show an armature no matter what I do.

If I clean the project then it goes back to krom failing. Really need help on this one

Sounds like a bug. Are you able to share the blend file? What is the error message? I guess html5 or any other target fails as well?

Link to file is:

The error message has now randomly disappeared, it used to say something along the lines of Krom.exe is not responding but now it just opens the game and immediately closes it again.

I just tried html5 and it just showed a black screen.

Again it seems to open fine in krom if I delete the armature and mesh attached to it which is weird as my other scene has an armature and that works fine.

Check your hardware and your OpenGL support. I a similar error, but it stopped when I replaced my ancient gpu.

God damn thank you. Something so easy, after making sure windows + all drivers were updated the file I wanted to run works perfectly (even though some others are still having issues). However I did notice that with the addition of the new gates consisting of both a true and false output, you have to manually change any of the old gate nodes to the new version as it does not do this automatically. @lubos I was wondering if it would be possible to get Didier’s modified code for the setmaterial node added to the main code. Not reliable SetMaterial node ... maybe the solution. It would mean that we wouldnt have to edit the file each time as often in my code the material wont change without the modified code. Thanks again!

Patched Set Material node to update all the materials like in Didiers fix (not sure if something more needs to be changed), and added a Set Material Slot node to modify just a single slot.


Thats awesome thanks