"Libraries" folder does nothing? [Solved]

I was previously working on this. As I came upon tink-tcp, I used the advice from the devga.me tutorial on including haxe libraries in kha js, but



Error: Library dev not found.
Add it to the 'Libraries' subdirectory of your project. You may also install it via haxelib but that's less cool.

And I’m kind of stuck. Is there something I’m missing?

I already ran

sudo haxelib install tink-tcp

and even dumped the github source under libraries, but to no avail.

I fixed my source path, shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

But how? How did you fix it?

Under the properties tab with the tiny (not big) camera, there is a section called Armory Project -> Modules. Then in the text box labeled Source, set the directory to the one containing your blend and Libraries. Hope that helps.