Linking an object from another blend file?

Hi, when I try to integrate to my scene a group of objects (an empty parent of a cube, both in a group) from another blend file via File -> Link, Armory does not display this group.
My mesh is well displayed in the viewport when I use the Cycles / Eevee / Workbench… and Armory rendering engines in solid / texture but not in material or when I launch F5.

It is not possible to work with linked files when using Armory?

Hello, does it work if you try it in armory_b27 version?
Edit: I guess not, will fix. Linking single objects should work.

Hi, lubos.

I tried Armory 0.4 b27 and it’s half working! My group is well linked and visible in Armory, but the material of the linked object is not displayed. Or maybe just the textures that are not found, I have the famous pink/purple color on my object.

Maybe that’s another problem?

If I pass the material locally, the pink color disappears but my textures still do not display.
However, if I create a new material (Principled BSDF) and assign the textures to it, it works.

In Armory 0.4 b28, linking a single object seems to work but still without the material (pink color).

Hello everybody.

I think I’m moving on.

My linked object is in the rootproject/assets/ folder and its textures in rootproject/assets/textures/, Armory tells me that textures are not found in /textures/ and my linked object has a nice purple color.
If I make a copy of the rootproject/assets/textures/ folder in rootproject/, I no longer have this warning at compile time and my object is no longer purple. The textures are still not displayed.

It would seem that when importing the linked object Armory does not take the folder where the.blend file of the asset is located as the source folder of the textures path.