Logic Approach Suggestion

My project requires that the user can add many objects in various positions so when they are finished configuring the product, that data for that needs to be sent to an email.

The only solution I can think of is setting up a top, left, right, front, bottom camera and rendering 2D images [if thats possible].

If anyone has suggestions it would be great.

For example, if I had snapping points I would use that as a reference with the object data. Having random transforms would not make any sense in an email to ship the product.

Technically I that could be possible, but it would require a certain depth of knowledge about the engine to make it work.

You might just be able to use something like a pivot camera that rotates around the center of the scene and then let you click on objects and move them with some basic GUI elements. You could use ZUI ( what armory uses for Canvas traits ) for the GUI. I think that there are some examples of picking the object under the cursor in the armory_examples ( maybe the physics_pick example ). There is also an example that lets you transform an object with GUI elements ( ui_script3d I think ). I don’t know if there is enough logic node integration with the GUI to do that with logic nodes yet.