Long Live Armory3D

Patreon helped the project to this level and somehow gathered people around here, but it seems that it no longer does this, and that’s ok, let it go.
A strong community is already formed here, together we can support Armory3D.
Seeking for alternatives like Tipeee, Liberapay,… is not necessary now.

I came to know about Armory3D when the news about BGE’s death came out, but thought it would take years to get this engine working. But the development seems blazingly fast, that we can even start making demos with it. I think by the time Blender 2.8’s release, we can ship games made with Armory3D. If I release a game with this engine, I will surely include a “Made with Armory3D” banner in the splash screen.

This Patreon event is just one among the many hurdles that come to most FOSS, that together we can leap over all of them in future. A fresh future awaits for Armory3D!


The engine is working well for sure, you can already release a game.
It can be some bugs depending on what you use, or you could want some new tools like an animation blending editor, but it’s working great overall.

On a personal note , the editor is missing a brush tool to quickly scatter objects in a scene like grass, trees, rocks.
There is a 35$ plugin doing this, but a scatter brush tool is so much important about scene creation it should be part of any 3D editor.

You mean something like Asset Sketcher
Until we get a brush tool, we can satisfy ourself with particles, like shown in this tutorial : https://evermotion.org/tutorials/show/10344/scattering-trees-in-blender-tip-of-the-week
Although we cannot control particles to a full extent.

Particles is particles, the control is not great.
Asset sketcher is the best solution until Armory gets it’s own object brush.