Low FPS in mobile

can I optimize armory project?
because I have low fps in simple project that run in mobile

Try using a mobile optimized render path:

I should publish my game by html5
we haven’t android version so I don’t need android sdk

this is my simple export
please run it in mobile

I don’t have a mobile device to test it under ( and I’m getting a 404 on your URL ), but what I was referring to for the render path isn’t actually specific to deploying to native mobile. The render path is the group of settings that determine how Armory renders the game, like the quality of the shadows and materials, whether or not to use global illumination, etc. Those changes will effect any build for web or otherwise.

You can add a mobile render path preset like this:



The render path preset encompasses all of the settings below preset box:


If you use the Armory exporter, you can select your render path preset:


Or if you are doing development, it will just use the one currently selected in the preset panel.

You can also tweak the settings the in the render path more to optimize it further. You could remove or lower the resolution of the shadows, for example, if that was fine for your use case.


I think that the place where you have to begin is by “profiling” your application, to figure out where and how it is spending its time. (Start with browser debugging facilities against the generated code.)

You might find a number of potential issues:

  • The computer is doing more than it needs to do.
  • The computer is doing things “every time” that it doesn’t need to do “every time.”
  • The HTML5 implementation is dreadful.

(By the way, “HTML5 is an enormous ‘wedge’” – I mean that term most desparagingly – and its attempts to do certain graphics things can be awful … sometimes varying very-considerably from one browser to another. “It works, but sometimes it ain’t pretty …”)

HTML5 is lean and quick when you only use WebGL for all the things. For Haxe projects it can often outperform native compiles actually. And, guess what, that’s how Armory works.
Biggest problem with mobile devices is typically GPU performance (which HTML5 hardly influences at all when using WebGL) so using the mobile settings for the renderer is absolutely the right strategy.

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