Lubos fell asleep. Sad!

Lubos fell asleep, and I’m crying because I don’t get my Armory build to play with now.

It’s all up on git, open all the time :wink:
If you don’t want to recompile stuff, it’s really easy - just cloning latest Armory, Iron and Kha is enough to make browser / electron builds work out of the box.

Release notes? Just curious where they are

I clone it every day… although I didn’t know I also had to clone Kha :slight_smile: that one ain’t on the manual.
will do from now on.

Release notes will be posted here in the forums as usual. It just takes time to prepare everything.

@rogper: Wow, cool! I updated the manual - most of the time it is not needed but if Kha gets out of date it can cause build errors. I hope to step up this feature and make a script which will update everything from git, so there is no need to download SDK every time new build gets out.

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