Managing different materials

extract from the

In fact, it seems that this parameter is to be set in the Shader Editor, so not in the Node Editor

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That’s right, it is in the shader editor, we should fix that. :+1:

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Done :+1:


It could be interesting too to give in the manual a summarize that explains how to control different colors by setting different Node Names.

For example something like the following with a MaterialGoal applied to an object and the RGBGOAL name for the RGB Node in the Shader Editor like thereafter

and that we can manage different colors using different names simply like that

Thanks to @Lubos for this simplicity of use :+1:

A simple new Armory exemple could be the use of an Array of colors and then with of an index value you choose a color among severals.


Choosing the color with an index

Example of result like thereafter with the colors of the Goal in red or green according to the distance between the Goal ball and the robot arm Effector, and the colors of the back pannel, here in grey or black, according to the %Alea value.