More UI Queries

I have a few more questions on creating UI.

  1. How do I change the size of the text in zui ui editor?
    Is that done in script?

  2. Does Armory use .dat font files?
    I was looking at gl3font for converting to .ttf, but I haven’t learned how to use it.

  3. Is there a manual or documents for using the UI Editor?
    I found this video, which helped a bit, but there is more, obviously.

  4. Has it been reported that the 2d editor crashes?

alternatively you can try using KOUI
Armory2D is like an ax for jewelry work. The area of use is very limited, since there are almost no settings. You can also damage it on your leg (crashes :smile:).

I took into consideration what was said here, and decided to try zui.
I’ll probably end up using feathersui, if I can get it working. I think I am getting there.

It’s up to you, but if the interface is supposed to be even a little bit serious, you’d better think a few more times.
At least KOUI has more possibilities in design.
Although it all depends on the task.

When ZUI crashes every once in a while, you will remember my words :smile:

I didn’t say I was using ZUI… nor KOUI. :smile:

I’m sorry! On Friday my head doesn’t work at all.
I need to sleep and rest)))

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Blaming Friday, uh? Just kidding. :grinning:

Oddly… I don’t think you can. :thinking:

You can cheat a little with this node though.


Do you mean whether Armory uses any or whether they support them?

Yes, there’s a section in the Armory manual relating to Zui.

It’s very unstable. However, you’re still using armsdk 2022.08, correct? I’m going to be honest, every bug you report that isn’t on the latest release makes things harder for developers, as you’re issue may already be solved and dependencies change time to time.

Actually, I believe you did say you were using Zui.

Does armory support .dat font files?

Depends on how technical one wants to get.

You quoted me saying I “decided to try zui.”
Followed immediately by “I’ll probably end up using feathersui”

If trying out something means using it in all contexts, in your view, I’ll thank you for telling me a little about yourself.
However, in the context used, I was not using zui, nor planned on using it, as implied by @kaiwas.

I checked it out. It didn’t check out. :rofl:
You don’t have bad Fridays, do you? :joy:

No, Khamake expects .ttf files for fonts (source), unless of course you write a .dat file reader that can convert the file contents into a kha.Font object.

FeathersUI is for OpenFL and not for Kha, so it will not work with Armory unless you rewrite a lot of it. Btw, if you use Armory2D, you already use Zui even though Armory just calls it a “Canvas” (regarding the discussion above).

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Thank you.
Can you explain please, what you mean by…