Need Help with script to set wheels correctly in Armory3d [solved]

i edit this topic it solved
this topic is solved wheel was wrong because need apply rotation and scale and also because of wrong dimension size of object and place of objects kinda strange

watch solved video

Can you just please stop spamming your YouTube channel in the forum?

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i not spamming i sorry for this i learning and was need help but before some one reply i solve this by myself

i guess that you put dislike to video on youtube?

this not spam because this game maded in armory3d form and i was has and still hass issue

i still need some one made tutorial how made drivable car with hax scripts with engine sounds tire sound to car drift

and will has stop tail lights

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I didn’t disliked the video but there are so many videos that you shared. I recommend you to watch YouTube tutorial there are a lot of them!

i watched tutorial on youtube and about armory is not alot good random tutorial

i cant find tutorial how made drivable vehicle i find on youtube showcase of project dude made police ai

and shared his project on github i download and try apply the script of vehicle to my own car in my game

but i was has some problems i spend to solve it all night alot of hours so i made and create this post to get some help

script is working only if you made the right size of object i mean dimension when you create cube it 1.0

so my car was small and script was not work i made bigger car also located it correct and script was work

this hard job i think it bug with armory or not worked out

i hope in future it be fixed and be more easy made and force vehicle to drive

this not ym youtube channel watch this you can also donwload from description drivable car with police ai