Networking/w Nodes

With Blender 2.8’s “Everything Nodes” update I thought maybe it’s a good idea to add networking to logic nodes, For example having nodes for “Send” and/or “Ping”. This could speed up game production (at least for beginners) and it could be an easier way to implement networking since it’s not too easy now. This is a feature that unity might have to implement if armory goes famous.

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Why would Unity copy Armory features ?
Why don’t you buy a Unity network plugin instead ? There must be some available.

The point is that this is a pretty neat feature for Armory to implement, and gives Armory a potential to grow in one dimension. Currently my use for Armory is prototypes. I make specific game-play with nodes then move everything to Unity. Armory still needs to get some core features right to be useful for a full game, one feature is networking.


I am exactly in the same case as you.
I don’t want to have a ready-made network function that only allows you to play fps. I would like to design the messages that are sent between a server and a client, to manage which data to replicate, when, at which interval, with or without security, in order to manage its own networking, its scalability, performance, security, is it playable on browsers, can servers be easily parallelized according to geometry/instance in the case of an MMO for example.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to do something like that once the Networking features are implemented. I don’t know how stable networking is right now, but once it is working nodes are super easy to create for whatever you want them for.

Okay, hope to see it for real, I’m not sure how Armory’s approach to networking will be designed.

But if I take as an example the Cloud Imperium which for the creation of the star citizen game had to switch from the CryEngine engine to Lumberyard due to some problems (mainly legal) to design their own instance management engine ( called Object Container Streaming)

If I take as another example, Unreal Engine 4, which although powerful enough for a usual use (loby type fps with maximum of ~50 players, or 4/8 local player) it meets limits of use to design its own networking.

Armory’s networking will be based on Kha’s network implementation, which I think is a work-in-progress.

From examples I’ve seen, it looks like has basic syncing that allows you to sync entity states with a server that is built as a NodeJS program by Kha, but that is all I know. What is good is that you aren’t bound by anything to use a specific networking solution in Armory. As long as you have a Haxe network client, you should be able to use whatever you want.