New forums category

Should forum get two new topics :slight_smile:

For small things to bigger tutorials including downloads links.

Armory Resources
Specific to Armory ( no 3D , no textures)
-Logic node packs
-Haxe code

This would prevent getting too much things in “general” category.

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If you want new topic to prevent general category flooding then here a suggestion:

  1. Documentation(topics regarding documentation and tutorials).
  2. Animation(topics regarding animtions)
  3. Graphics/Rendering(topic related to graphics in armory).
  4. Platform(topic regarding to development on specific platform).
  5. Announcement(Announcement of new build, community game, etc. Make it so that only people with trust level 3 or more can create topic but anyone can see it and reply to).
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Animation is small subjects it can feet in graphics.
Where do you put tutorials ?

(Armory logic node packs could be a post with links pinned in some programming category).

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Nah. I don’t think animation can fit in graphics. Sure, animation is small but it can’t be fitted in graphics.
You can put tutorials in Documentation.
There is Haxe category and Logic nodes category if you haven’t noticed.
Armory logic node packs would probably goes to Logic Nodes category.


@lubos I would agree with this suggestion also. As more and more gets added to the forums more and more gets lost or buried in the General category.

Oki, let’s start with 1-2 more categories and see how it goes. :slight_smile: Tutorials + Graphics? What do you think? For the Announcements, maybe we should encourage / update description of the Showcase category?


I would actually do animation and graphics. I think documentation would probably have a single thread in the Release category. Platforms would be good but not sure we are ready for that. Announcements would fit into showcase. Maybe we just need a pinned thread at the top of a couple of the existing categories to explain the usage better.

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Regarding votes from this topic -> Ongoing projects that need help, I have suggestion to open a new forum category maybe named “Ongoing projects”. with some description like “Get familiar with ongoing projects and collaborate”.

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I like the idea of these new classifications, as well as “category groups.”