Newbie .. thoughts

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

after the hard, rumbling journey through A LOT of recently popped up and new [game]engines, i have decided to get my tent up and running, right here.

There is this idea of a small game in my mind and it made me crazy to choose one engine before i can begin.
I am working with Blender since 2014. I am neither a studied PRO or experienced user, but i have already something done in the game buisness.

I tried Unity and Unreal, too. Made a small game in both. But i think they are way overkill for my small idea. I also think, Armory 3D in combination with Blender and all the other awesome Systems are way more comfortable! I don´t see a huge difference in quality of graphics between this 3 neither.

Godot is not mine. I don´t like to work with the interface and in my opinion it´s simply a 2D engine. There is, where this game engine shines at best. The graphics aren´t bad, but i had the feeling that it all looks a bit “plastic” or not natural. I also don´t like the visual scripting workflow.

Maybe i can also get rid of substance painter… later, when Armory Paint is ready to rock? (xD) … and work just only in Blender/Armory 3D!!! That would be the most effective workflow of them all.

Even if it sounds, it isn´t ment as rant on anything. Just my thoughts and my final decision. I´ll give Armoy 3D a go and i am excited how far i will come.

Thank you for reading!


Sorry for the doublepost (!?).

Small Update:
I am playing with substance painter 2018. Couldn´t get the software to run, until now (dunno, what it was exactly but a very experienced and good programmer helped me out). Until this point i was working just with the substance painter 1.7 release.

My goal: to find out wich workflow i want to do more. Or better: How much difference i can see between the substance painter materials and the cycles workflow within blender. I might also try the fork with Blender 2.8 to look how it is going from there.

The problem in wich i ran recently, is the missing viewport. To give an instant feedback or the opportunity how it will be looking in Krom (as example). Some exported textures simply do not look like as in sp (nothing new), so i have to try some variations in exporting them. But i´ll figure it out! Maybe someone has already tried this, too? I am using the Armory PBR node.

I think some of the new user of Armory could want to know how they can integrate the substance painter pbr workflow into Armory, too.

All i can say for sure … that the Archviz examples included in Armory are looking AWESOME and realistic! Without substance materials(!). You could do even a short horror game example as a game already (maybe i should do that first, it is some of the easier tasks).

And maybe i will start a blog as a Armory 3D diary… so i don´t spam this forum too much.

I wish you all a nice weekend!

I use substance for all my “difficult” textures and all you need to do is plug in the exported maps to either the principled or armory shaders. For the most part it works great.

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Thank you! =)

I am exporting with the PBR metal / rough workflow … and sticked the textures in. But it seams, that i have a problem either with the metallic or the roughness map (non color data). It just looks too dark and some kind of “wrong”. If i can´t fix it, i will post dome pictures :smiley:

@dugati does it look wrong in Cycles? I have found that if you have “too Much” light in armory you really loose the effect of the metalic Shader. I try to set the background color to almost black and then use lights (and some times you really have to crank up the power of the lights ) and the metalic looks much better.

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Thank you for your help and tutorial on youtube! Sorted it out, now =)

Tested it with substance player materials, substance painter maps and free c00 pbr texture sets.
All are working as expected :smiley:

On to the next step!

EDIT: Well, i have to edit and extend this post a bit more…
I was not sure about the whole direction, Armory 3D is going. Until i started to dig deeper into this game engine.
I am finished with going through all example and script, tutorial files. Just mindblowing and amazing what you can already do.
While dive deeper and exploring the features which are delivered here, the more creative and inspiring you get.

It is something like, you put Unity and Unreal into one piece of software and use the best of it.
With one difference: The programming languages are so much better for beginner and artists (non-programmer) and much more flexible in it´s own ways.

A big thank you! …to the developers!
And also for this starting community!
I am really happy i found this place!

I just had to mentioned it.

… but now, back to work xD Have a nice day!

Awesome! :smiley: I’m just getting into Armory, too, and I love it. It is so flexible. It is like the perfect combination of letting you get complete access to the core source code while also giving you an amazing interface in Blender. Haxe is so much nicer than C++ for people who don’t want to have to figure out and deal with a lot of complication and the different levels of abstraction between Kha, Iron, Armory are so well planned out. I’ve tried Godot, but I felt limited because I had to write C++ if I couldn’t do what I wanted in GDScript. In Armory, the language I want to use is no different than the language that 90% of the core is written in. It is truly amazing.

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