No link to the Armory3d forum on Why is that?

There is no mentioning of the forum on the community site. Is that done intentionally?

It’s displayed there, just hidden as the label, Discourse.


Sorry if it’s hidden :sweat_smile: (I’m the one who labeled it that). I worded it better in the new Armory website migration already, so hopefully it’ll be clearer for people in the future once the migration is merged.


Hi, i do not understand why it needs to be listed under the name of the forum software. People are looking and searching for the designation FORUM and not Discourse. What kind of nomenclature needs to be forced in here? Suboptimal choice IMHO.

Good question and observation. I use the term Discourse mainly because of brand recognition e.g. their logo. If you feel like it’s too confusing, I can definitely fix that.

Still nothing changed. For someone who does not know that Discourse is a forum software, it is not evident where the link to the armory forum has been hidden. My question was, why do you hide that link at all ?

It also says only discuss. No mentioning of any forum explicitly. Fast reading people see no forum link.
Could you please change that to a link without disguise.


Already done, as I showed in the migration screenshot above. Perhaps you did not see it?

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Why is there a link to BlenderArtists below “Official Forums”? IMO it doesn’t make sense to include the link to BA at all, we should not direct people to a forum that most Armory community members probably only visit rather seldom (at least for Armory-related things).

Already done, as I showed in the migration screenshot above. Perhaps you did not see it?

You are right, i was actually looking directly at the armory website, cause i forgot that it is also Github hosted with pull request delays. My bad. Your proposal now looks much better. Thank you.

BA link or not BA link, i am quite neutral concerning that question. We do not get much support from there, but on the other hand Armory3D users also need Blender support. Cause for some people it might be harder to figure out Blender than Armory3D. But Timodriaan is also right it might be kind of deviation. And most, if not all people who use Armory3D, already know about Blenderartists anyway. BA link does not make a lot of difference there information wise. So it might be more a question of taste and identity feeling.


As we discussed on Discord, the forum may or may not be shutting down in the future. :man_shrugging: That being said, while this Armory forum is a good place for getting support, help wise, BlenderArtists is a better place for things such as showcasing (much larger population). I’ve noticed time and again that most Armory people, despite using Blender and/or BGE/UPBGE before migrating to Armory; don’t normally post on BlenderArtists, and I really think we should start spreading awareness (it’s the same reason why I’ve started retweeting release notes at BA).

To put it into summary, spreading awareness is really a key factor here, with Armory. In any case, I don’t think adding an extra link is bad or inaccurate, but that might just be my opinion, feel free to disagree or share further suggestions.

If it helps, Lubos seemed happy with the community page, but again, if people think it’s really bad…


The reason I was mentioning the BA link is not necessarily that it’s “too much”, but rather that people new to Armory might ask Armory-related questions on BA and then wonder why they don’t get any answers. But I understand your arguments, and personally I’m fine with both ways – just keep in mind that it can be both positive (more “Armory-awareness”) or negative (yet another platform with little Armory-related activity).

@rpaladin I think you’re active on BA, so you are probably the most qualified to decide this :slight_smile:

However, independent of the decision, a link to BlenderArtists doesn’t really belong below “Official Forums”.

Maybe something like the following could work as a compromise (quick mockup, it’s not about the color, margins, etc.):

I’m more then happy to share any questions that may be posted there on Discord. To be honest, I think that’s already my unofficial position with the recently re-acquirement of the Armory subreddit. I do see however, what you mean about living up to the expectations of supportive helpers though.

Would leaving the BA link as a secondary red button be appropriate, if the term “official” is removed? Since Lubos no longer posts about updates in #releases that would make still technically make sense with this forum, unfortunately for the time being (we might yet gain some new admin ownership for this forum as discussed on Discord).

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