Node base texture animation control

Can we get nodes to:

  1. Animate UVs change x,y (example tank tracks animating)
  2. Swap textures on an object


In UPBGE they made a Time node. Would be cool to see it available in Armory too.

Having a node for animating the UV would be nice, although animating the UV to change the XY coordinates is already possible - you just have to use the attribute node, and write “time” as the attribute.

There’s an example on it here, although not sure if it still works:

As for swap textures, that would be lovely to have!

I figured out how to do the same thing with a material swap - I’ll have to try the time example but I only want it to play while a key is being held down.

Hope to make stuff like this easier once material parameters are implemented.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll put my demo up ASAP. Loving this engine! :wink:

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Preliminary support for material parameters is in, added an example (needs latest armory through the updater).

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