Node groups

I cannot group nodes(Ctrl-G) in the node editor. The command appears in the search menu, but is also invalid.
Is this a

  • planned feature
  • glitch
  • local problem
  • removed for some reason

I would really like to have it for readability of my node tree.

I use armory 0.4 on windows 10.

Hopefully implemented soon…would also love that. It’s currently planned at :slight_smile:

You can technically already achieve this, or a resemblance to it by using the “Call Node Group” node, if you look at the 3 images below the first is the “Main” node setup. that makes a call to a “SetVariables” node tree, and a “LeftRight” node tree, as long as you connect your nodes to a “Node Output” node inside of your pseudo-groups, then you can plug them into just about anywhere you need them in the working node tree.

[Main nodetree]

[Variables nodetree]

[Control nodetree]

run it and you get the output working as expected


thank you both for your replys.

Silly me, I should check the github from next time but thanks to @rovacado it turned out to be a very informative thread. I’ll try that out.

however, we still have the same problem with OnUpdate, which is not to be sure that the image has been updated … leads to shifts between refresh image and activation of the nodes. Do you know a solution?

see here too Screen flush followed by @lubos