Nodes logic, it is viable?

Considering the first remark of @Simonrazer seems point on β€œHow to organize spaghetti ?”
If it can help you, I think that you have to ask yourself some usuals simple Software Architect questions like thereafter :slight_smile:

  1. Do I start redesiging/rewriting everything/refactoring ?

  2. Where to start ?

  3. How to start it ?

  4. What to change in first ?

With 1, for example, I think that you have to consider in first some simple points like :

  • the behavior of the whole application is it well understood ?
  • Is the spaghettis tangled in a large loop or in sub nodes paquets?
  • Do my traits have a high cohesion ?
  • Is it a question of performance or testability ?

This kind of approach for example could be inspring for a new Architecture design tool with Nodes in Armory.