Not seeing trace

Hi, I’m brand new to Armory and trying to get started scripting. I’ve got a simple script that should print “Hello World” using “trace”, and this seems to be working when I run the scene in the browser from Blender. The “Hello World” shows up in the browser console.

However, running from the Kode debugger, using F5 in Kode, or clicking the debugger play button, I’m not able to see the trace message in the terminal, debug console, or output windows. Am I missing something?



What OS are you on? Are you able to see the trace in the system console when you play in Krom directly from Blender? (on Windows pressing Window - Toggle System Console is enough, or launching Blender from console/terminal otherwise).

A temporary help may also be to enable Armory Project - Debug Console option, that will show the traces in the game window.


Thanks for the reply. I’m on OSX, and yes, if I run Blender from the command line I am able to see the output to the terminal. Looks like this is the way to go. Thanks!