Ongoing projects that need help

Now I have spoken with lot of dudes here - artists (drawers, modelers, programmers, node guys, etc.). And guess what - everybody is making own game! It’s kind off cool seeing so much innovative projects coming, in same time when you think of what could be achieved by a small-medium size team, it makes me cry :D.

And you can see the struggle. Artists/node guys are asking million of questions over the forum and Discord of ‘how can I get this done’. And then sometimes it can’t be done without programming… And then there are millions of feature requests created… And then there are programmers, lacking artistic side, creating games with cubes and planes :D. And so on… (no comments about multi talented wizards)

I think there a lot of good reasons going with own fresh project - commercial, own idea, own direction, don’t liking team work, etc. and good luck. But my believe is, that a HQ complex product (like and FPS) can only be created by a complete team (witter, artists, programmers, manager, etc.) and we need that kind of thing also.

Sadly I don’t see any good way of promoting your On-going project and pointing out the positions needed. And no good way, so users that want to work on something, can view such projects and apply. Now it’s only showcase, but the name and description doesn’t 100% ring the bell for such thing.

What do u think?


I’m just hoping for some suggestion/solution (new Forum category, discord channel or some cool tech), that helps ppl to team-up. Nothing bad about individual projects, but we also need teams working on something bad-ass :wink:

Thats will be actually cool

Forum category, discord channel or some cool tech, that helps people to team-up

  • Yes, that will be cool to see
  • No, I don’t care

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(@zicklag where do you find stuff like polls from, not completely sure how to do them )
(Edit: Corrected the poll, please vote again)

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There is a toolbar button for polls:


You’ve got much better control from that window. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think a forum category would be a bad idea, but I also don’t know if it would get a whole ton of use at the moment. The general category might not be insufficient for now.

I think a forum category would be perfect. Yeah, I agree that it likely wouldn’t get a lot of use early on, however even just having it there would get people thinking about collaborating on projects. Then, even if the projects don’t end up getting finished (95% of community projects in my experience), then we still have people working together, creating more than they would have solo and hopefully posting some of it to show and share in the showcase category.

Personally I’m looking forward to when we have a big enough community to run a regular “ArmoryJam”, where some of the best jam games attract further talent here to go on and develop those games even further.


8 up votes for a small community good enough for me :)))

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