Open world data streaming

I wonder if you have any progress with open world data streaming ?

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Now you’ve reminded me of Indiana Jones for Nintendo 64 a data streaming wonder in the old days.

There is no physical code in yet, just the research and preparations. Game data can be loaded asynchronously and basic lod system is in. The next step is async texture loading and then putting it all together. Would like to move this forward after the current rounds of logic and animation focus is done.

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So - I am going to go in a bit of a info dump here about large worlds and coordinate systems for them.

  1. Look into the “Floating Origin” Technique for Armory3D. Details here
  2. It may be worth for much larger games (Solar Systems and beyond) to look into an Top Level Coordinate System (64 bit floats) and the “floating origin” technique in tandem. Details here
  3. Lots of great info in this thread here. Mostly about procedural planets though.

I am currently making a fairly large game world within Blender so this topic is important to me.
Also giving this a bit of a bump for because I am curious about progress on this. :slight_smile:


any news about this ?

Basics in progress but nothing cool to show just yet, hopefully soon. :slight_smile:

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@lubos I have been looking at the iron, kha and krom. Seems like 64 bit arrays have yet to be supported there. I have opened an issue there for that.

64 bit coordinates may be a great feature to really push game studios to use this engine. Few game studios have given up using unreal and moved to engines like unigine for the 64 bit coordinate system. a3d could be a great open source alternative and might benefit from these big game studios who in the future would use it.
traction maybe a future focused plan might payoff in the long run. Broadly speaking, since most incoming game devs are driven by graphic fidelity and feature set and stay for the experience (also now a days more are picking up programming), I think maybe a focus on core features than additional tooling would benefit it more. But that maybe another thread.

Update (relevant forum thread about the virtual 64 bit precision):

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Would it be possible to load map by chunk, saved to a file. Like minecraft chunk but with mesh and entity.

something that would create a scene bounded by a cube, and automatically record the location and rotation of each object in a small file, in the minecaft way. But just the data. Object data can be stored in one place and reimported in multiple chunk.

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