Particle size over time

So I’m trying to make paricles shrink over time.
In blender I usually use particle textures (ramp texture influencing particle size).
This doesn’t seem to work in game though.
the velocity and/or drag in game vs in blender also doesn’t seem to match (but that’s not really a problem atm.)

Is there another way to change particle size??
Are there some boxes i need to check??
Or is it just not implemented yet??

Thx in advance.

It’s not yet implemented. For efficiency the particles are rendered using instancing, which up to now only supported changing position. Armory 0.5 adds support for instanced scale and rotation, so I hope to enable this for particles asap. Will try to patch it tonight.


You work so fast.
It’s awesome.


Any updates on this issue? Is it now possible to scale particles over time?

I have the same issue here. Except here I am using a sprite sheet animation to make some smoke. I am able to set velocities but unable to scale them over time. Is there any other way of doing it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hello. @QuantumCoderQC

How about trying large and short-lived particles and small and long-lived particles?

that’s a good idea,

Thank you :+1: