Particles not working on Android

I have noticed that for whatever reason when exporting my project to Android the particles don’t work, they work fine in other targets I have tried. Is there any changes that need to be done to get them working in android too?

Not that I know of. It sounds like a bug to me. There isn’t any suspicious output in the console? If not, then I’d file a bug with a minimal file to replicate and the versions of your Armory, Blender and OS.

Nice to see you make your way over from Discord, to the forums, by the way @greyherondev!

I will fill a bug tonight, just wanted to check before adding another bug.

Thanks! I am planning to be more active now in the forum, discord and github! I want to really push my project forward, that is why I created the devlog in

Any chance of updating that link to go directly to your devlog rather than just the itch homepage? I’m interested in following along! :smiley:

@Armored_Blob my bad, just edit my post!