PhysX 4.0 for Armory - results of test?

PhysX 4.0 in Armory ? Making sens or not ?

Why are you creating new thread (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻.
Please stop creating new topic while there is existing one and is being talk about.

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@BlackGoku36 :rofl: it’s not the same post title in the same category… and Nvidia just annouces that the 20 december Phys4 in open source !

I don t want here to discuss about licence but only added value for those who needs physic improvments for simulations.

I don’t care if they dont have same title, or same category(but well they have same category).
If you can take few mins to read that thread then you will get it that what is discussed there is same as what your title is saying.
In that thread we are discussing about whether or not Phycs should be used or not and, things about it were discussed there, what your title is saying is being discussed there, I would very much appriciate if you take few mins to read it and post on it

above is there too.

Edit: You can read the title now

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Ok , now that you have changed the category and title of your post, even if it’s not clear that we feel free to discuss the same thing in this post :joy:

if you could change your tone too, it could be more fun for everyone.

I don’t know why are you assuming i have rude tone, but well, just so you know i didn’t mean to be harsh.
You are free to discuss whatever and whereever you want, I was just trying to say that it looks spamy.

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You want Nvidia physics ? can you make Nvidia integration and maintain it ?
I don’t want to be harsh, just explain when you need something that is not included in Armory package you are on your own.

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And … the question is :wink:: do we have some return on experiences with Armory/PhysX ?

No one has done Nvidia integration for Armory, so the answer is unfortunatelly no :wink:
You can use bullet or wait for someone to perhaps integrate Nvidia Physix.

@MagicLord do you represent the world? … maybe you want to say personnaly I have no experience on it.

This post remains open for those who want to share / lead an experience in this field.

On my side, I am interested by something like that and Jarvis-ML. It’s also a reason why I looked too in deep the Armory code, mainly for the Mat4, Quat and BoneAnimation … thus the Armory part allowing that each physical reaction in a scene can be calculated and displayed in real time, without having to go through a pre-calculated image sequence as with animations.
As PhysX revendicate to be the specialist for that, just an **offtopic post ** to share who those who already experienced it.
(remind : Off topic = feel free to discuss anything here.)

No, i’m just saying i don’t know any Nvidia Physix integration with Armory 3D.
Good luck, i hope you’ll find someone that will do Physix integration in Armory 3D.

That’s great Godot found some interest in Nvidia Physix or to replace Bullet.

This means more and advanced physic features.

One potential issue is:

Unchanged NVIDIA EULA platforms:

  • Microsoft XBox One
  • Sony Playstation 4
  • Nintendo Switch

The other one is to investigate emscripten compatibility.