Playground tutorial error

I got this error while following Armory Tutorial Playground. what did I miss? This stops me from learning Armory :slight_smile:

What happens when you play from Blender?

I just Copy and Paste code from tutorial page to MyTrait.hx which belongs to an Empty then Run the game

It does not work as expected, give me that error instead.

Here is my blend file, please examine it. I wonder blend file will include hx file ?

test.blend (689.1 KB)

No, the .hx file is not included. You can download tutorial files here to see if that works.

Yes your file works, of course, but I dont understand what I did wrong. Because I checked both of my file and yours, they had the same setting, same code, same nodes. It just does not work as the way it shoud when I do all stuff by my self to get experiences

I just follow simple steps

  1. Add an empty
  2. Add a trait (haxe)
  3. Click Edit script, copy paste all code in the online tutorial
  4. F5

by the way, my cube which attached bundled script PhysicsDrag does not work well, here is the video

It seems to be hard to me to follow Armory… not smooth progress right from the begining makes me so confused and tired, but I like this engine, please help me figure it out. I need a clear explaination.