Please post bugs on github!

Hello, just a word to say that it’s preferable to post your bugs and feature requests on github issues.

Easier to track there.


To make it easier, here’s a guide on how to report bugs so they are useful:

1 - provide a descriptive title
2 - describe what you were doing
3 - describe what went wrong
4 - provide:

  • your system (Windows 10 Pro/Ubuntu 14.0/etc)
  • Blender version
  • Armory version
    5 - provide any relevant log

Example 1:

Title: Pressing button “x” doesn’t do anything
Text: I’ve been following the tutorial blah, but at step 3, when I press, nothing happens (the tutorial says I should see my scene in an interactive window). I’m on Windows 8 home edition, Blender 2.78, Armory build 2. Here’s the output from the blender python console.

Example 2:

Title: Error when launching Armory: dependency not found
Text: I can’t get Armory to run at all. When I do, it tells me “ not found”. I am able, however, to use Armory as a plugin from Blender. I’m on Arch Linux, Blender 2.78, Armory build 1. Here’s the exact console output:

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