Pointing camera upwards turns off lights and shadows, pointing downwards brings it back

Playing inside Krom, also if exported to VS and built from there.
On html it also does it, but it is reversed. And that is a plus because I wasn’t able to see shadows on the browser at all previously.

This one is a comparison from Krom execution.

Edit 1: Too heavy for Android, only shows the horizon and sky elements.

Can you elaborate on ‘pointing camera upwards’? In the comparison camera view seems to be the same, I think I am missing something.

Edit: Is it too heavy even when you set Armory Render Path - Preset to Mobile?

On the left side, camera target is slightly lower than horizon, there are shadows and all lighting is present, on the right side the camera target is aimed a little upwards of the horizon and that somehow disconnected one light and turns off the shadows. The views are different if you look for the projected shadows and general floor tone. That is being triggered by pov target. These are frames apart and only thing that changed was camera view inclination.
I can send file if needed, it is very apparent by moving the mouse up and down.

Just take a look at the checkered ground for diffs.

Aha, so that small difference is enough to trigger it. Yes, blend would come handy! Is this happening in every project for you? Is this bugged for sun lamp or all lamp types?

Not in every project. Haven’t checked if it is sun or other lamp.

Link to wetransfer with the project:

Edit 1: It’s both the sun and the lamp in the scene I think.

Edit 2: html is the weirdest, it is reversed on/off but no shadows. lol

Seems to be caused by combination of negative z scale on the Plane object and enabled Two-Sided property on its material. I think it messes up the normals. Will check on it further.

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You got it.
Also made Android Studio munch the project for 17 minutes.

Edit 1: This is running at around 280 fps without v-sync.