Prefabs support

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Will Armory get support for prefabs ?
It’s essential to make games.

Blender has the same need, when you make for eg a movie you might want multiple instances of an object. I think with the new collection system in 2.8 it is possible to link objects so they are instances of the same object, it is also linked with their new Asset Manager project. I think it would make sense for Armory to integrate with that. But it requires careful thinking on how to have all this cleanly integrated I guess

Prefab is not 3D models only.

I mean prefab that is something containing many things like models, scripts, physics , particles or other components.

This is essential Armory make it’s own prefab system.

Yes of course, and movies also need models, scripts, physics , particles, etc… the Asset Manager and the collections don’t make sense if you could only link mesh, they clearly intend to manage much more.

But obviously it will map to Armory own internals. The goal of Armory is the use Blender as the editor and to map Blender features to Armory internals but Armory does not actually use any Blender features in game. When you create a material with nodes, Armory maps as much as it can to its own internal material system. It doesn’t use any code from Blender material.
Armory only uses Blender UI as an editor for its own engine but doesn’t use any Blender code in-game.

So for Prefab it would map to whatever Armory’s own system but what I meant is that in terms of UI, it would make sense to reuse Collections and/or the Asset Manager.

In all reality Blender already has prefabs. If you duplicate a mesh, the material, physics, and even the traits from armory all duplicate with it.

You edit a scene and add a tree prefab, you close this scene and create a new one and you add the same tree prefab.

The advantage of prefab is you can reference and external prefab and it’s resources ( scripts, physics components ) , this way the prefab can be imported and used in any game level or project.

Duplicating some objects in Blender will do the job, but a prefab
system allow to import resources to a new project and use the prefab on your project levels.

You can simply append that object to any other Blender file and still retain all that information

You mean a prefab would be a Blender file ?

Does import of a Blender file, also import all ressources like textures, sounds and code to the current scene folder you are working on ?

May be helpful:

Thanks, i should spend more time reading the documentation :smile:

Theres a new proxy system called static overrides. Maybe something relative