Print Debug Values and also Recording or Baking simple Game Engine as Keyframes

Not sure if this is possible:
In the old days of BGE, we can use Game Engine Physics and then record or bake as keyframed objects. Wondering if we can actually do the same thing with Armory Engine? Kind of a way to really record everything, so that in the end, we could have some kind of staged machinima style animations that we can present differently in post, after the “Realtime game” is over.

Also, I found the “Print” and “Search” for nodes do not work yet. Would be nice to be able to print, so we can see what is going on with values and perhaps able to export the data out from objects.

Search do not work on 2.8 but works on 2.79.
print node only works in 2.8 when you switch to armory viewport(shader mode) then it shows the value on console which is a pain as it compiles every time and we have to switch to console window to see the result!
I hope this gets better in future with a more real time approach for non coders like me!

One more way to see Print node output is to enable Armory Project - Debug Console.

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Thanks for the info!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I tried this node logic and debug console is not showing the print as expected…

UPDATE: actually printing does work on the “debug console”, I need to be in the Armory Render Engine. Thanks!!

Can help you too : if you are testing in a browser like firefox
mouse right clic then clic here

then on clic on the console here and you will get all your trace like in this picture.