Problem with launching game

Hello all. I have problem with Armory 3d. I have downloaded pack for windows x64 but when i am trying to launch scene i get Krom window with white screen. No default cube just white screen. I have made how it said in manual - saved scene, pressed ‘build’ and pressed ‘play’ but still no luck I get just white screen, console tell no errors. There one more nuance: it seems like i have no installed visual stodio 2015, but when i am trying to instal it from link of manual it say to me: it’s impossible to instal 2015 cause you already has newer version of (Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable):
Error 0x80070666: Cannot install a product when a newer version is installed.
What should i do?

My PC: video - AMD HD 4770, memory - 8 gb, cpu - Phenom 965, windows 7 sp1 x64.

Try HTML mode! Krom is less stable than HTML.
BTW, armory is currently experiencing some issues with AMD cards. maybe try to install Nvidia drivers for your AMD card.
Edit: HTML is 20% slower than native builds.



Superior in so many ways, just not as portable.

I have the same problem. Found that if I wait a long time, like 2 min, suddenly the cube appears. That’s too slow. Watching demo videos it looks like it pops right up for everybody else. What to do?
latest armory v. 05.
my pc: 1070, 16Gb, i5, win10

I already asked about C++, it’s not very well supported.
The solution is to use Krome.

Pretty sure that C++ is very well supported, just a bit slower than Krom in most cases. Who told you otherwise?