Questions about AI system and landscape

When will an AI system be implemented?

Also, if I want to create nature scene, can I use the addons in blender marketplace?

I have no idea! Armory is under active development, but there is a lot to do so can’t really say when a lot of stuff will be implemented. Still, what exactly do you mean? You can always write your own AI for your game. What do you want Armory to come with? Like a graphical AI states system?

You can use whatever addons that you want to create your scenes. Armory will take all of the objects that are in your scene, regardless of whatever tools you use to make them ( unless it is some kind of special unsupported object like a metaball or a NURBS surface or something like that ) and it will export those into the game. I don’t think hair particles are working right now, though. If you want to use hair for grass or something like that, you would have to convert the particle system to a mesh before running the game.

There is no AI system in Armory, but you can start learning here some AI principles you could apply in Armory with logic nodes.

It seems @Didier was working on deep learning, you could ask him also about AI.

Probably an AI states system.
I want to use Mirage or addons like that to create natural scene, but will that result in performance issue?

I’m not familiar with those addons; I don’t know many outside of what comes with blender. As long as you can keep the polygon count reasonable, though, I think that you would be fine performance-wise. :man_shrugging: