Questions for RigidBody

i would like to ask if it is possible to enable some kind of level an object could climb with rigidbody attached
like a cube cant climb even a slope with 0.01 height
thanks in advance

you have likely set your objects collision shape to Cube. or if its a cube ya have it as a convex hull.
think about it like this. a cube cant slide up a step no matter how small… but a ball can.
or rather a capsule.

simply go to the rigid body panel for your player and set its shape to Sphere or capsule.
that should help your character climb steps or slopes better.


Maybe a picture of your scene or problem would be great :wink: I couldn´t find any problems if i try to recreate your situation :smiley:

Haha . Cumminham is right.
The shape of my rigid body is cube.
Thanks very much.
Answer much appreciated.

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