Random, but my 'Build' button under Armory Player disappeared

Been kicking the tires with Armory today, like what I see so far. I am not sure exactly when or how, but somehow the Build button under the Armory Player preferences pane is gone. I just have Play and Clean. I can still build under the Armory Exporter area, I think. I tried starting a new project, and it’s still gone. I tried downloading a fresh copy of Armory (version Armory_04_mac_b27, if that’s important), and the Build button is there. I have no idea why this happened, or if I even need to worry about it, but I just thought it was weird and was wondering if anyone has come across this before.

This is curious, I think that the build button was removed in the later commits to armory. At any rate, you actually don’t seem to need it. That is, I, at least, can easily work with armory without ever pressing build.

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Hmm, I do think I updated the plugin at some point in the settings, must have pulled in a commit further ahead than the released build. That makes sense! (confirmed btw. Clean download has the build button, update sdk in preferences, and on restart the button is gone.)

And yea I agree, it’s nothing breaking, just something I noticed and was hoping wasn’t an issue. Like, if other buttons started disappearing too…

Yes, the Build button was removed in the latest Armory. Armory Exporter should be able to handle that better so it was redundant in the end.

On top of that I noticed some people were wondering whether to press Build button before pressing Play button, so hopefully it’s a bit cleaner now. :slight_smile:

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