"Receive shadows" on material not working

Just trying to exclude the backdrop from getting shadows cast upon it, two point lights in the setup.
So I deactivated the checkbox.
Shadows still projecting from a pack shot item onto a back cyclorama and deactivating “receive shadows” on the material seems to have no effect.

Edit 1: on Armory_v02rc0_win64.zip

use an emission shader with a light path node+math node under the factor of a mix shader. My computer’s down so I cant give a screenshot, but that usually works. If you just want a shadeless material and ur not using voxel gi, use an emission shader. For something transparent, use a mix shader with the alpha input in the FAC and a transparent node.

I just want a couple of lights to not cast shadows on a backdrop. It is always “on” even when I set it to off.

i have that issue too, can you make a github bug report? https://github.com/armory3d/armory/issues

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