[Release Notes] - September 2021.09

Release Notes - September 2021.09

Link to release notes page: Armory | 3D Engine (armory3d.org)

This september release contains mainly some fixes providing more stability to the Armory3D engine. This month included more than 21 pull requests, containing 36 commits!

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[#2300] N8n5h added a fix for volumetric lights when using shadow map atlas. Volumetric lights (god rays) should now work with the shadow map atlasing option:

[#2318] QuantumCoderQC added a new get NavAgent data node:


  • #2319 - MoritzBrueckner added the possibility of using more complex string expressions for assert() messages.

  • #2318 - QuantumCoderQC added a node to get NavAgent data and improved the Go To Location node.

  • #2309 - MoritzBrueckner added the assert() macro for better error handling.

  • #2308 - Tong added the option to disable http logging and change webserver port if preused.

  • #2305 - Niacdoial added a rotation socket for nodes. Revamped most nodes that uses rotations.

  • #2304 - Tong added the option to play without building (Shift + Play).

  • #2298 - MoritzBrueckner added basic addon reloading. Good for developers!

  • #2296 - Tong added linear and angular control properties to the PhysicsDrag.

  • #2285 - Tong added the axis trait prop to ArcBall. For direction and speed control.


  • #2316 - QuantumCoderQC added a trait fix (fix for issue #2289).

  • #2316 - Onelsonic fixed some Haxe warnings related to type check.

  • #2315 - MoritzBrueckner fixed some postprocess uniform warnings.

  • #2307 - MoritzBrueckner fixed Armory3D define and ES6 switch for Krom.

  • #2306 - MoritzBrueckner added various node fixes.

  • #2303 - MoritzBrueckner fixed the Nishita sky artifacts and improved the LUT range.

  • #2302 - MoritzBrueckner fixed the accidental module reloading caused by global variables.

  • #2300 - N8n5h fixed the volumetric lights not working with the shadow map atlas option.

  • #2299 - MoritzBrueckner fixed Logic.hx that caused failed CI compilation.

  • #2297 - MoritzBrueckner added a canvas fix when using non-default fonts.

  • #2287 - MoritzBrueckner fixed thread polling being stopped after callback exception.

  • #2286 - MoritzBrueckner fixed filepath error if project is on Windows drive root.

Other changes

  • Iron: #135 - Niacdoial added a complimentary commit for rotation socket (#2305).

  • Iron: #134 - MoritzBrueckner added the exp() exponent function to vector classes.

  • Iron: #133 - QuantumCoderQC added a fix for the particle system related to scale and locations.

  • Armory Examples: #30 - Tong added miscellanous improvements to the examples.

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