Remove object, if it has contact with object from collection

Hi there, it’s me again.

As you can see I have a Node-tree, which spawns a “projectile”. After this object is spawned the tree adds a trait, “Bullet”.
In this trait the “On contact (Array)” test, if the object him-“self” has contact with an object from the environement-collection (I know I’ve wrote it false), and if this is true it should remove this specific object.
I can successfully compile the game, but as soon as I trigger the Bullet spawn, the game freezes. The “projectile” appears at the “BulletSpawn” location but will stay there and crash the game.

Does someone understand what the console try to tell me?
Or how to fix this, so I can continue my journey?

Thanks for your help.

Hi. @Quados. it’s me again.

By applying the trait “Bullet” to the object “projectile” in advance, the bullet will disappear without adding a trait. Is this solution workable?

Logic node “Trait” does not seem to get Trait depending on the condition.
I have reported it on github.(

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Oh yes, it worked, if I added the trait by hand in advance and don’t use a node to add the trait.