Removing Object error (Coin system)

Hy there
I’ve tried, to make a coin system, but armory crashes every time, the player reaches a coin.
According to the error appearing in the console, the object doesn’t support “remove”.

The Node setup has two parts. The upper part spawns a new Coin Object and adds it to the coin-object-array.
The lower node tree removes the coin object from the scene as well as from the array and it set the coins property one step higher, as soon as the ccollision object hits the coin.

Does anybody know, how to fix this error?

Or if not, how to make a similar coin system?

Thanks in advance for all your effort and answers.

Hello. Logic nodes are difficult.

Is the second image (the image of the logic node) actually the one at the logic node trait where an error has occurred?

The size of the spawning coin is 0 (invisible), and no error occurs because collision processing is not performed.

Adding correct collision processing to the node of the 2nd image gives an error like the 1st image.

And I think that the cause of the error is the [Array Remove Value] node, because the error will not occur if the [Array Remove Value] node is excluded.

I can not solve the problem because I do not know how to use the [Array Remove Value] node,If the second image is wrong, I post it because I think there might be somebody who can think of a solution to the problem by replacing it with the correct one.

I hope the problem is solved

Thx for your effort. But i can’t solve it.
Hopefully someone else knows a solution

sorry for the stupid question! What are you using an array for? And have you solved that problem by now?:slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t you like the idea of adding a node tree in the coin itself, so it would tell the coin to destroy itself if collided with the character? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, thats actually a amazing idea. Thanks for your answer. I will test it out soon and answer to you if i got it runnig correct.

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