Rigid body not work in my second level

Hello everyone!,I’m new in armory 3D
Armory is so cool,but he have bugs and errors,but I don’t know what doing now.
When I pass the level,in the level 2 the rigid bodies not work :frowning:
help me please,and thank you everyone

here is the blend file,remove the material with textures,because obviously the game don’t start

And sorry for my English,I’m latin american :slight_smile:



  1. You need to use a different output from the Timer node.

2. Your first one can be played right away when the menu has not been removed yet.
3. In the Player script do not specify the specific object that you control, while in LVL2 your sphere is already called differently. Leave the field empty and the object to which the script is attached will be automatically bound there.

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THANK YOU MAN!!! you’re great,the community of armory is friendly and sincerely i like armory.
I hope those things don’t happen to me again,good luck and really thanks


You are welcome!
Good luck! :grinning:

Thanks and probably see me again for here

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Bro,really sorry but,you can play the game??

Not yet work,the game,I thought what my computer don’t can run the game, i replaced the mesh of the second level with a simple cube and nothing.

The ball is completely static in the air, I show you a video:

Note: Krom don’t work

Sorry for the inconvenience and the lost of time, this is very strange for me


I found the error, I had two equal scripts, to pass the level, then your solution did not work I had to put it in both scripts

Thank you for your help!

I modified the “Win1” script and it worked. The “LVLs” script is not used.

For debugging use:

  1. Menu “Window” - “Toggle System Console”. You will see compilation errors in it.

  2. “Debug Console” while playing


For some reason the “point” light not work in my proyect,thank you for your help,my proyect now is working perfect!!!