Run in NewWindow(F5) not working

i download Armory03_win64. Started tutorial “playground”. “Play the scene in Armory”(F5) - not working, but button “run in viewport” is working. My system is: Windows7 x64, IntelCorei5 2600, GeForce GTX 750 ti, OpenGL 4.6, on OpenGL 4.4 also not working. P.S.: Sorry for my English.You understand in Russian?

Does the window open and then crash? When I ran into this issue, using the latest Krom.exe made it started working again. I see it’s been updated a few days ago.

Window, blender not crashing, the window closes quickly without any errors,and Krom is auto stoping. When i replace “Krom.exe” and when i replace the entire folder “win32”
I get an error.

Old Blender 2.8(“ 267 MB
Nov 02, 2017”) is work without any problems with Krom, when i testing (He does not suit me for work, unstable)

“ 269 MB
97 days ago” - work fine! Now i’m using it.
Upd: It turns out that he too often hangs in different places. And work after restarting blender