Runtime error: metarig is not in viewlayer

Hi there, I have a game with two scenes: main menu and the game scene. In the game scene I have four characters, each with one metarig. If I start the game from the game scene, everything works fine. But if I want to start the game from the main menu, I get the following message: “Runtime error metarig can’t be selected because it is not in viewlayer”. What does it mean and how do I fix the problem?

Hi @Mattrox

Did you spawn the game scene from the main menu scene? That must be done before executing any of the traits/actions in the game scene.

I cannot start the main menu scene via the armory player. Then the message comes immediately. I can start the game scene in the armory player without any problems. There are no logic nodes in the main menu Scene. I just wanted to test it first.

Could yo maybe share the blend file ?
A simplified version of just the problem should be fine.

Yes. I will upload it tomorrow.

I cant’t upload my blend file, because I’m a new user. :pensive:
I have narrowed down the problem. If I have two scenes and one armature in one scene, I cannot start the game from the second scene. That is not exactly satisfactory. How else should I create a main menu and one or more game scenes / levels? :thinking: